Why not to sell your home in today’s hot market

Among many topics in today's news are stories of our red-hot real estate market.  There are a myriad of statistics telling us about high prices, multiple offers and bidding wars with homes selling overnight.  It is only natural to think, "Wow, I want in. I could sell my home and make a ton of money!”  Then the reality sets in. With the high prices, where could you afford to move and get a better home?  Unfortunately the answer is often out of state. Another answer may be found in the plethora of popular home renovation TV shows where homeowners stay put and get busy, changing their present abodes inside out, top to bottom, just the way they want!

The good news about staying in your home is that with rising prices you have undoubtedly built a tidy sum in your home's equity.  It is possible to access that very equity and renovate your home bringing it up-to-date with the style and polish that suits you and perhaps future buyers.  The idea of refinancing your home and accessing the cash equity for renovation is, in reality, simple.  The part most of us find hard is where to even begin the renovation and design process. And who has time to make it all happen?

The solution starts with financing, selection of the best company to help that beginning. It is essential that you choose a recognized and skilled finance professional who will guide you through the process. Owners need that seasoned mortgage loan consultant to help them navigate all the finance issues. The mortgage professional will ensure your goals and needs are honored and met.  Next up, find an experienced and reputable general contractor who will take your dream from design to completion. This can be overwhelming for most homeowners as there are so very many companies hawking their services.

So, where to start when you decide to stay in your home and renovate?  There is a simple solution to this often complex process.  Talk to a local mortgage expert to be able to head down the path of what is best for you and your current and future goals.

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