The mortgage process explaned what to expect

step by step

“Every mortgage starts with an unknown, follow us down the path to understanding and confidence towards your future”

The story of what it takes
to step into your future

The mortgage process explained... Step in.

Step 1 Fill out a mortgage application
online or
in person
personal information, credit file, and other documentations such as tax returns and bank statements are shared by you & reviewed by your loan officer
Step 2 Arrange a consultation with your loan officer
a. your goals, needs & wants are Identified

b. financing options relevant to your situation are presented to you

c. you are pre-qualified

d. your future home search begins
Step 3 Loan processing
a loan processor works with your loan officer and you to get your information to an investor for final approval and 1 step closer to your closing day

a. Your application and documentation is reviewed for accuracy

b. required items such as a property appraisal, title insurance, hazard insurance are requested from the providers

c. your application and supporting documentation is submitted to the bank for loan approval

People that can help are hard to find

“This is a critical part in the process the goes beyond the loan officer control”

Grant -  Loan Originator

Step 4 Loan Estimate
is issued
a document call Loan Estimate is sent to you to sign showing you all of your important information , including your proposed monthly payment and your total amount due for closing (including down payment, closing costs, pre-paid and reserve items)

“Going beyond”

Grant,  Mortgage Group

Step 5 Underwriting
underwriting team and the investor finish the process by reviewing all of the submitted information.

loan may have final approval conditions to be satisfied
(this is when your loan officer will call you for additional documentation or items to be addressed)

Closing team pushes the file to the title company in anticipation of your closing day

we are with you all the way

Step 6 At closing
Closing Day


Attend your closing with your Funds needed and your photo ID

Get ready for your future to begin and enjoy your new home!



a frame of mind

Step 7 after closing
retain your paperwork or electronic files of your home financing transaction
Step 8 remember who helped you
🚀 Rethinking who is with you
remember the people that made it happen for you

do not hesitate to contact your loan officer with anything you need in the future

Leading by example one mortgage at a time

Step 9 Having the right people on your side
The Mortgage Group of Colorado is here for you

“Together we can all go further”

Grant, Loan Officer | Mortgage Group

Today, Together
“Today together we can make this world a better place for you and your family”

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